Gulliver wine and dine tours of Croatian cuisine with a lot of wine stories and gourmet secrets

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This is hedonistic tour where you’ll have chance to taste best of Istrian culinary.


Olive oils produced on the Meneghetti estate represent supreme products of olive-growing industry, embodying at the same time both pleasure and health. They offer a triumph of aroma and taste, while strong impressions they leave put themon equal terms with great wines. In the kitchen these oils give that magic touch which turns ordinary dish into something special. The estate's olive yard abounds with olive cultivars: rosulja, istarska bjelica, leccino and buža, used for the production of our premium olive oils which regularly win prestigious awards and recognitions. The most valuable is definitely the inclusion in the world’s leading olive oil guide „L'extravergine“ in 2007, when the extra-virgin olive oil „Izbor“ was chosen as the world’s best oil in one of the most challenging olive oil categories – olive oils with „intensely fruity“ aroma.


Stancija Kumparička is known for the best goat cheese in the Mediterranean. In the few years his family has spent in Istria since moving here from Slovenia, Aleš Winkler has become the most renowned Croatian cheesemaker. An uncompromising perfectionist he has found pastures with the most aromatic grasses, goats that provide the best milk, and a method of processing milk and nurturing cheese that produces superior results. A highlight of his fantastic offer is the cheese medallion. Relatively young cheese is formed into a characteristic cylindrical form and sliced into medallions before being quickly fried on both sides to a golden colour. Aleš' timing is impeccable and the atmosphere at his Stancija Kumparička near Pula is magical. We'll enjoy breakfast outdoors at the stancija in the company of goats and black haired pigs. We'll hear all about the goatherd's profession, how the best young and mature goat cheeses are produced and whether three-year old goat cheese is edible.


Love, energy and courage are the main drivers of the winery Trapan. Since 2005 to this day with hard work and perseverance, thay have created 12 hectares of ecologically clean vineyards. The learned knowledge and experience they are transfered into the winery creating fine and elegant wines of a specific character, recognizable, with a special Mediterranean touch. Wine production is primarily a family business and requires a lot of attention and mutual understanding. Believing in the success of their mission, creating from the heart, giving themselves to the entire production process, they found the right path that leads to achieving their target – to create a distinctive product, in wich even those of most refined taste will enjoy. Tasting includes a tour of the winery, with expert guidance of the enologist or winemaker/owner.


Small, family-owned restaurant is located in a seaside village of Banjole, just south of Pula. The restaurant is tiny. it can accommodate maybe 30 people inside and another 40 at the outside terrace (weather permitted). It’s run by family Skoko. They are fishermen.  In the morning they fish, in the evening they prepare the daily menu based on the catch of the day. Awesome, isn’t it?! I know what you might think: The shoemaker’s children go barefoot. But trust me, at konoba Batelina it’s not the case. I don’t know if they are great fishermen (must be if I judge them by the freshness and variety of the fish served here), but they are certainly great cooks. The chef star is David Skoko. All the dishes are his innovative creation, although his mother along with other family members help him in the kitchen. You’ll have a chance to eat here the dishes you’ve never thought possible: fish tripe, catfish french fries, fish liver mousse, fish lollipops, etc… When you visit konoba Batelina, just follow a simple formula: let the chef choose the dishes for you.

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