Gulliver wine and dine tours of Croatian cuisine with a lot of wine stories and gourmet secrets

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We hope that the time spent here in the unique ambience will remain an unforgettable memory.

Šolta is the island in Croatia situated in the Adriatic Sea in the central Dalmatian archipelago, west of the island of Brač, south of Split (separated by Split Channel) and east of the Drvenik islands (separated by the Šolta Channel). On the north-eastern coast of the island there are the large bays of Rogač and Nečujam.
The economy of the island is based on vineyards, olives, fruit, fishing and tourism.  While the main settlements (Grohote, Gornje Selo, Srednje Selo, Donje Selo) are inland, the main fishing centres are Maslinica, which is exposed to only north-westerly winds, making it a good shelter for smaller boats.  Rogač is the main port and Nečujam the centre of the island’s tourism.

Martinis Marchi Hotel & Restaurant is located in a historic castle in Maslinica on the island of Šolta's west coast. It is a place which vividly evokes visions of sparkling teal waters and a landscape dotted with olive trees.

In 1703, the three Marchi brothers got permission from the Venetian authorities to build a tower, a village and a church above the bay of Maslinica. At the time, pirate attacks were becoming frequent and, with considerable efforts of the colonists, two years later a castle was erected together with defense walls and a prominent tower as the last point of defense. Today, after three centuries of tumultuous history, the Martinis Marchi castle welcomes you into its chambers that echo with the soft whisper of times gone by. The staff of the castle wishes you a pleasant stay.

In their restaurant they will serve you culinary specialties prepared naturally and with loving care, as well as top quality wines.

At Martinis-Marchi they strive to unite the individual creativity of our chefs with the traditional Dalmatian cuisine to create culinary highlights for you on every visit. All ingredients used in their kitchen are all selected for their freshness and quality.  They focus on local and regional products which they prepared with great care to  a maximum of flavor. The use of high quality olive oil right here from Šolta, a few drops of fresh lemon juice or just a pinch of the very best sea salt from the salt-works of neighboring Pag are staples of their kitchen. Every dish should be a small work of art on its own, but hopefully can be further  enriched for you by combining it with a glass of wine.

We hope that the time spent here in the unique ambience will remain an unforgettable memory.

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