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Belje Wines – Prince of the Hrvatsko Podunavlje region!

Hrvatsko Podunavlje is the homeland of graševina

Wine was brought to the Hrvatsko Podunavlje region by the Romans during the reign of Emperor Probus, and with the founding of Belje in 1679 Eugene of Savoy gave a new impetus to viticulture and winemaking in the region. Today, over three centuries later, the Hrvatsko Podunavlje and Baranja regions continue to live from wine and for wine, and for one particular variety that is absolutely dominant in the local vineyards, Graševina (Welschriesling). Graševina is the most prevalent wine grape variety in Croatia, and by its global distribution is numbered among the world's fifteen leading varieties. Although this is a Central European grape variety, many international wine experts, including Jansis Robinson and Steven Spurrier, consider the Hrvatsko Podunavlje region to be the homeland of Graševina, moreover Steven Spurrier says that Belje wines are the international benchmark for Graševina.
Belje Wines premium quality Graševina is a fresh but exceptionally rich wine, which is an important characteristic of Graševina as a varietal. The pronounced green sparkle in its light golden nuances and the roundness of Graševina reflect the place of its origin and the harvesting of the grapes by hand in the vineyards. Its deep and elegant flavour is dominated by green apple and refined mineral notes. This is a fresh, elegant and well-structured wine with a light, crisp and long finish. Powerful and potent, this is a wine for the connoisseur, served chilled to from 10 - 12 °C with specialities based on Danubian fish or Baranja kulen, a traditional cured meat delicacy made of choice cuts of pork and finely ground red paprika. 

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Wine culture is so significant to Baranja that it even got its name from wine: in Hungarian "Boranya" means "the mother of wine"