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Mladina Cellars – A boutique winery with a tradition stretching back to 1736

The vineyards of the Plešivica - Okić hills

The vineyards of the Plešivica - Okić hills are best known for Blauer Portugieser, Sauvignon and traminer.
Mladina Cellars (Podrum Mladina) has a rich and long history and tradition in winemaking thanks to the count of the House of Erdödy who built it in 1736 among the vineyards of the Plešivica-Okić hills. The area, because of the configuration of the terrain and the climate, is ideal for the cultivation of grape vines. Today's excellent wines from the Mladina Cellars are created on the foundations of the heritage and experience of the House of Erdödy and its successors. The best-known and most successful varieties in the region are Portugizac (Blauer Portugieser), Sauvignon and Traminer. For 150 years these vineyards have been leading producers of Portugizac in Croatia, a true young wine, the Croatian Beaujolais.
Mladina Cellars is a small boutique winery that has reaffirmed its tradition and love of winemaking – from which the excellence of its wines has grown – at many prestigious evaluations in the country and abroad. Notable are prizes won in Paris and Monaco.
Gaj is now recognised as a line of excellent wines, including Sauvignon Gaj, Traminer Gaj and Rheinriesling (Rajnski rizling) Gaj. Gaj is the name of the vineyard location, a premium position with a specific micro-climate and rich soil, which together produce prestigious wines of the best characteristics.
Gaj Sauvignon is a premium quality wine of green-yellow colour, strong varietal aroma, floral and fruity notes. The bouquet is reminiscent of flowering elderberry, citrus and tropical fruits. The flavour is harmonious and refreshing. Ideally, it is served as an aperitif or paired with salads and pasta. It should be served chilled to 10-12 °C.
The crown of wine production is the sparkling wine, which demands great knowledge and skill in nurturing, and Mladina has demonstrated its expertise with the production of the brilliant POY sparkling wine, which has quickly won the sympathy of sparkling wine aficionados. It is produced by classic method of secondary fermentation in bottles, as are the French champagnes. The POY sparkling wine has yellow tones highlighted by a green sparkle, and intensive brioche and nutty character. The flavour is full and potent, with a light, crisp finish, and is served as an aperitif and with select shellfish. It is served chilled to 10 °C.

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