Gulliver wine and dine tours of Croatian cuisine with a lot of wine stories and gourmet secrets

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The Elaphiti Islands


Those in the know deem the concentric circles with Dubrovnik at their hub as the leading Mediterranean destination, especially where gastronomy is concerned

The Elduko destination – the Elaphiti Islands-Dubrovnik-Konavle – is one of the most exciting gastro destinations in the Mediterranean. The grape harvest is the high point of the season. The combination of natural beauty, the incomparable cultural heritage and authentic cuisine are the key attributes of this four-day experience. Dinner on the stunning square under Meštrović's mausoleum in Cavtat is the highlight of day one. With the dramatic tale of the survival and renaissance of Dubrovnik Malvasia we'll see the stunning vineyards of Konavle. Sailing ships are vehicles that allow us to directly experience the famous but also the hidden beauty of this destination, perfect for our photo safari. A wonderful setting for first-rate culinary experiences: a light meal on a fishing boat and lunch on the Ljuta River under the stone bridge, and grilled food at the pristine Šipan Bay. Part of the immediate culinary experience is a visit to Dubrovnik market, preparing dishes under the bell, or catching Adriatic tuna. The midnight concert in the setting of Dubrovnik's historical monuments guarantee an experience that rises above the standard tourism offer.

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Wine and gourmet stories

Green minestrone, Dubrovnik style

Several basic types of green minestrone are present in the traditional cuisine of Dubrovnik, the Primorje region and Konavle. This is a modern take on the Dubrovnik style.



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