Gulliver wine and dine tours of Croatian cuisine with a lot of wine stories and gourmet secrets

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Millions enjoy the Adriatic, but only the chosen see the Adriatic "backstage"

Since the beginning of modern tourism in the late 19th century the Adriatic coast has been lauded as one of the most attractive Mediterranean destinations. But the rivers that flow into the Croatian Adriatic are far less familiar, although they deserve many superlatives. The Cetina River is of interest to many. It is perfectly clear. Its entire course, from its magical source to the spectacular estuary where it meets the Adriatic, provides fantastic vistas. Forests alternate with meadows, glades, canyons and caves. The environment offers a broad choice of the most attractive kinds of recreation. The core activity is unforgettable rafting, followed by canyoning, canoeing, cliff climbing, fly fishing, bird-watching, photo-safaris and gathering edible herbs and woodland fruits. From the juicy trout of the Cetina, the wild plants around it, to the large game, the entire region offers an abundance of superb foods. They are a part of the daily fare of the villagers in the area. But they have also been discovered by top Croatian culinary stars. They are served at the best restaurants and luxury hotels. The Gulliver experts have been mindful in selecting from this broad range: four days of uninterrupted enjoyment is accompanied by appropriate dishes: from a brunch at an old stone mill house to the original creations of one of Croatia's top chefs, Špiro Pavlić. Special instruction in the preparation of these specialities will be offered along with a wine list to remember.

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Wine and gourmet stories

Trout in Mud

Originally this dish was prepared by coating the trout in a thin layer of clay and baking them in embers and hot ash.



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