Gulliver wine and dine tours of Croatian cuisine with a lot of wine stories and gourmet secrets

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Wine culture is so significant to Baranja that it even got its name from wine: in Hungarian "Boranya" means "the mother of wine"

The world is learning about Croatian gastronomy and oenology primarily through its Mediterranean aspect. It is all the more surprising, then, when eminent experts are introduced for the first time to continental Croatia. From Zagreb via Osijek to Baranja is a route that leads from wonderful urban vistas to protected natural reserves that live to a different rhythm, impervious to the anxieties of modern civilisation. The Turopolje refreshments awaiting guests in Zagreb hint at the experiences that will follow. Wine tasting and a Slavonian-style dinner at Osijek's baroque fortress promise a voyage through both space and time, topped by a grape harvest in the vineyards stretching from the hilltops to the Danube. We'll meet an unbelievable diversity of fauna: chirps, squawks and the majestic call of the deer in Kopački Rit and the centuries old wine and restaurant cellars with age-old gypsy music. The repertoire includes instruction in old trades, distilling the rakija, brandy, and the open-air preparation of traditional meals. The atmosphere is interspersed with surprising counterpoints: the latest wine making technologies in spectacular new hi-tech wine cellars, motor launches on the river, meetings with avant-garde artists and their vineyard sculptures are all a part of this time machine. It all sets the scene for enjoying first-rate wines and iconic regional cuisine. Give yourself up to relaxed entertainment, recreation and pleasures in the most beautiful parts of Pannonia and the Danube River region.

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Wine and gourmet stories

Hrvatsko Podunavlje is the homeland of graševina

Belje Wines – Prince of the Hrvatsko Podunavlje region!


Wine and gourmet stories

A modern Baranja fish paprikash

The fish is cleaned, filleted and deboned. A stock is cooked and strained from the head, bones and root vegetables.



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