Gulliver wine and dine tours of Croatian cuisine with a lot of wine stories and gourmet secrets

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Where the continent meets the Mediterranean's northernmost point, a convergence that delighted even the most fastidious: the Roman emperors

The greatest fans of Istria feel that the Mediterranean's northernmost peninsula is unjustly compared with Tuscany. The Italian region has been massively exploited by tourism while Istria's full potential is still being discovered. Our four-day programme illustrates the point. An Istrian stancija is clear evidence of this claim: a relaxed countryside atmosphere, an impeccable selection of local gastro-icons, instruction in the preparation of local delicacies and full comfort in original rustic settings. There is one attraction after another: the Brijuni Islands, a first class aristocratic destination from the 19th century to the present day, followed by a search for the most valued truffles in their richest habitats and then a grape harvest in the vineyards, the sources of the best Istrian wines. The tale continues with golf on exclusive courses, horseback riding under hills crowned with medieval towns, dinner beside the hearths of the rural pubs known locally as oštarija, and the traditional card games. It all culminates with merry songs on local instruments. Istria – the Terra Magica we discover in order to assiduously preserve it.

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Wine and gourmet stories

The grape vine has been cultivated in Istria since the antiquity

Laguna wines – The lightness of being in Istria


Wine and gourmet stories


Salt and pepper are rubbed into the entire pork loin. It is smoked in a smoke house or a modern smoker. Ombolo can also be smoked in an improvised in-house variation.



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