Gulliver wine and dine tours of Croatian cuisine with a lot of wine stories and gourmet secrets

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An irresistible melding of experiences for the curious gastro-nomad: from small rural stables to the brilliance of restaurants in historic hotels

Not even Croatian experts know that Zagreb and the region that surrounds it is the largest single national producer of wines. But quantity is the least of advantages in Croatian gastronomy. Quite the opposite: handiwork, a personal approach, the author's signature and a unique setting limit quantities but also set the stage for the best. They need to be sampled from the landing at Zagreb's Pleso airport to the end of the visit. Dinner at the Esplanade hotel – so picturesque that it has been the site and setting for novels – is thematic. It showcases the unbelievable culinary diversity of this small country. Zagreb and its immediate environs offer all the range of a modern urban setting. The abundance of the historic city markets, the wonderfully preserved edifices from a number of historic periods, vineyards on the hills, highland creeks packed with fish, countryside manors… The vintners of this region have earned a global reputation of late; they play host to the leading authorities in the wine world. Tasting select wines in the company of their creators is the ultimate experience for any wine aficionado. The dynamic Croatian wine scene has encouraged a new generation of chefs in creating exceptional dishes – a modern cuisine growing out of a centuries-old foundation of tradition. We'll learn about all of these earnest oenological and gastro topics in the relaxed and merry setting of a grape harvest and processing, mushroom hunting, learning the culinary skills and open-air dance lessons. Croatia is addictive and this is a real risk you face – at your own discretion.

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Wine and gourmet stories

Purger Soup

This soup is served as a stand-alone meal between breakfast and lunch – the gablec. The dried mushrooms are soaked in wine.


Wine and gourmet stories

The vineyards of the Plešivica - Okić hills

Mladina Cellars – A boutique winery with a tradition stretching back to 1736



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