Gulliver wine and dine tours of Croatian cuisine with a lot of wine stories and gourmet secrets

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Learn how and why Croatian olive oil producers have become stars of the international olive oil scene

During the classical antiquity, Roman emperors planted model olive groves in present day Croatia as the ultimate status symbol. Over the past two decades olive oil production has seen a great renaissance in Croatia. The quantities of oil and olives currently produced remain relatively small, but the quality of the oils produced from these olive groves is reaping top awards at the most influential international events. Moreover, local olive growers have become global trendsetters, above all by the diversity of their offer of varietal olive oils and their fantastic collaboration with leading chefs and sommeliers in the search for the perfect menu. Gulliver will lead you into this unique scene: a harvest in picturesque olive groves, processing in the traditional and modern methods, sampling, the meeting and melding of the ancient and modern customs among olive growers...

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Wine and gourmet stories

Bruschetta with young olive oil mayonnaise

Gradually and slowly pour the oil into the yolk whilst constantly whipping until you achieve the consistency of mayonnaise.


Wine and gourmet stories

65,000 olive trees planted at Agrolaguna

Ol Istria – The jewel of Croatian olive growing



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