Gulliver wine and dine tours of Croatian cuisine with a lot of wine stories and gourmet secrets

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Find out how menus are created for which top olive growers, chefs and vintners find the perfect recipe and wine accompaniment to every olive oil variety

The Croatian Adriatic is the northern frontier of olive oil production in the Mediterranean. Here, at the meeting of Mediterranean and continental Europe the climate creates optimal conditions for the growing of olives of the highest quality. This fact was known in the classical antiquity and led the Roman emperors to plant olive groves at these locations. Now olive groves are being rejuvenated and nurtured here. These are the insights that are at the core of the renaissance of Croatian olive oil production. Our olive oil producers do not compete with their colleagues in the Mediterranean in terms of quantity of yield. They are satisfied with the fact that, in small quantities, they are producing some of the best olive oils in the world. They are proud to be at the forefront of a trend that nurtures varietal olive oils. Meet them and learn about their style, their life philosophy, their oils and their friends – the top vintners and chefs.

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Wine and gourmet stories

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Wine and gourmet stories

Shrimp in Malvasia mousse

The cleaned shrimp are very lightly fried on olive oil and are served with a topping of Malvasia sauce and mousse.



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