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The new taste of Istria

Wines Laguna Terra Rossa

While the famous Istrian Malvasia is the queen of lightness among white wines, among the reds it is somewhat harder to find an equally smooth, light and everyday wine to suit the palate of both the experienced connoisseur and the casual wine drinker. This is, in fact, the mission of the Vina Laguna Terra Rossa wine – produced by blending the expressive Istrian Teran (Terrano) and Borgonja (Gamay) varieties and softened with the all-round favourite, Merlot.

The Borgonja brings mineral and floral notes, the Teran brings freshness and the unmistakable note of Istria, while the Merlot offers a softer, fruity profile. This quality of the wine produced meets the high standards set by modern Istrian winemakers – its recognisable attributes a worthy representative of the region, while its price and availability make its accessible to wine drinkers across Croatia.

The unpretentious, refreshing and lovely Terra Rossa will win you over. It is a daily complement to good food and good company.

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